Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Shut Down the Dalston Army Showroom - Protest on Sat 25 July

The deaths of eight soldiers in Afghanistan in as many days brings home the
urgency of our campaign to bring the troops home from Afghanistan and to
shut down the Army showroom in Dalston.

The media may try to ignore us or spin the figures. But the fact remains
that a majority of people in Britain want the troops in Afghanistan
withdrawn by the end of the year. They do not believe this is a 'good war'.
In reality Nato forces are protecting a corrupt regime under President
Karzai and an undemocratic bunch of drug-running warlords. It is a state
where the position of women is worse than it was under the Taliban.

The government claims that the war must go on to prevent terrorism on the
streets of Britain. But the longer the occupation continues the greater the
likelihood of terrorist outrages occurring.

If politicians really want to save the lives of soldiers (and the lives of
Afghan civilians, who are now dying at double last year's rate), they should
recognise that this is a pointless, unwinnable war and bring the troops home

And we must get the army showroom in Dalston shut down. Youth unemployment
is now at a sixteen year high. We don't want young people in Hackney being
conned by glitzy images into an army career, with the prospect of death,
injury or mental trauma as a result of the Afghan war.

Join the protest at 1.30pm on Saturday 25 July
at the Kingsland Shopping Centre, Dalston, opposite Dalston Kingsland

We shall be leafleting, petitioning and distributing postcards. Any help you
can give would be much appreciated.

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