Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Stop the War emergency appeal‏

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11 January 2010

Dear Friend,

We are writing to ask to you to help our campaigning by
donating to our emergency appeal. This month there are two
events which should be high profile for the anti-war movement.

We know that Tony Blair is due to appear before the Chilcot
inquiry one day in the two weeks from January 25th. We are
organising protests on this day, including a naming of the
dead from the Iraq war while he is giving evidence,
demonstrations, street theatre and other events. We are sure
that many people will want to mark this day and make it a
'judgement day' for Blair. It is unlikely, given the lack of
scrutiny shown by the inquiry so far, that he will face tough
questions. Even more reason why the movement should make its
feelings and those of millions in Britain very clear.

In addition, on January 28th Gordon Brown is hosting a
conference on Afghanistan in London, attended by Hillary
Clinton, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel and Hamid Karzai,
which will be aimed at supporting the escalation of the war
there. We, along with CND and European peace activists, will
be protesting there as well.

All these activities cost money, and we rely totally on
donations from our supporters and affiliated organisations. We
are calling an emergency January appeal to ensure that these
demonstrations are a success, and that the anti-war movement
can make its voice heard as loudly as ever.

Please give as generously as you can.

Best wishes for a peaceful new year.
Lindsey German
Andrew Murray
Stop the War Coalition

How to donate:
* Donate online...
* By credit/debit card: Call 020 7801 276
* By post: Make cheque out to "Stop the War Coalition" and
send to
231 Vauxhall Bridge Road
London UK

Download this letter as pdf: http://bit.ly/6kGWu1

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