Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Iraq: Let's demand a proper enquiry

I am forwarding the following to everyone. Stop the War holds no position in respect of 38 degrees. But you may be interested in signing their petition.

Iraq: Let's demand a proper enquiry

You may be interested in the campaign ‘Iraq: Demand a proper enquiry’, which is being run by an online campaigning organisation called 38 degrees, www.38degrees.org.uk

The campaign was launched this week in response to Gordon Brown finally announcing that there will be an inquiry into the Iraq war. He also announced that he intends it to be held in secret, not report until after the next election, and not apportion any blame. Does that sound like a proper inquiry to you? Brown is hoping that this inquiry will draw a line under the whole episode.

The Iraq war was declared in the face of fierce opposition. Serious questions about its justification and legality remain unanswered. Millions of us marched against the invasion, and many more felt betrayed when claims about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction turned out to be false. Countless thousands of Iraqis have died, as well as 179 British service men and women.

A genuine inquiry would be our chance to understand why all this happened and how to prevent it happening again. A stitched-up, secret inquiry will encourage future governments to think they can get away with the same again.



Gareth Jenkins
Sec. Hackney Stop The War

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