Sunday, 14 June 2009

Protest: Shut Down the Army Showroom in Dalston, Sat 20 June. Defend the right to protest

Shut Down the Army Showroom in Dalston
Join the protest

Another British soldier has just been killed in Afghanistan. It's time all British troops were withdrawn - for the sake of the Afghan people and the servicemen and women sent to defend a corrupt and unpopular regime.

And it's time the Army Showroom in the Kingsland Shopping Centre, Dalston, was shut down. We don't want any more young people, faced with unemployment, falling for the glossy video images and being sent to kill or die or be maimed in Afghanistan.

We also need to defend the right to protest in the face of the outrageous arrest of one of our supporters, who was assaulted and racially abused, as he was walking to work through the shopping centre.

Join the protest at 1.30pm on Saturday 20 June
at the Kingsland Shopping Centre, Dalston
(opposite Dalston Kingsland train station).

Keep up the pressure!

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