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Dear L/Cpl Joe Glenton, you are an inspiration to us all

Messages of support are pouring in for Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, who has been arrested for refusing to return to Afghanistan, leading an anti-war demonstration in London on 24 October 2009 and speaking to the media in defiance of orders. The charges carry a maximum of ten years imprisonment.
14 November 2009

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Selection of messages of support for Joe Glenton

Malalai Joya, Afghan MP, often called "the bravest women in Afghanistan": Dear Joe, Stay strong! The majority of the Afghan people are with you and we respect and admire the stand you have taken. When there is no justice, it is better for honest people to go even to jail rather than go to war. Down with the occupation. I send you my warmest greetings and solidarity.

Caroline Lucas MEP, leader of the Green Party: Dear Lance Corporal Glenton, I would like to express my admiration for your decision to take a courageous and principled stand against the war in Afghanistan. You have the support of the many people in the UK and abroad who passionately oppose this ongoing conflict, which increasingly appears unwinnable. I hope your heroic resistance to the reckless and misguided foreign policy played out in Afghanistan will increase the pressure on the UK Government to accelerate an exit strategy and withdraw our troops.

12 November 2009: Demonstration in support of Joe Glenton, Ministry of Defence, Whitehall, London

Gareth Hill: Only one in 5 people in this country believe that the war in Afghanistan is just and is about defending our freedom and successfully protecting us from terrorism. Your moral stand against the war is both heroic and reflects the views of our entire country.

Dr Douglas Reid: Chin up, Joe! Good for you! You are one of a long line of British people who have followed their consciences and sooner or later changed government policy.

Joe Jenkins: There are literally millions of people who approve of what you are doing. The military-industrial complex will try all it can to dishearten you and dishonour what you’re trying to achieve. Your courageous action is an inspiration.

B. Ormondroyd: Full support for Joe. l served in the RAF - to defend Britain, not to invade other countries on questionable grounds.

Lisa Anning: I've the utmost admiration for the stand you're taking, and for the part you're playing in galvanising public opinion against this awful war. I come from a military family myself, and can fully understand the gravity of your decision to defy orders. But I believe there's a huge latent groundswell of public opinion in this country against endlessly continuing this futile campaign, which is wrecking so many families and taking so many young lives. We need figureheads like yourself to act as a public focus for that opposition, to help mobilise and articulate protest to the powers that be. I wish you every success, and hope common sense will prevail. Your efforts aren't in vain and you should be proud of what you've achieved.

Kay: I and everyone I know, plus the majority of the country, support you and your decision not to risk your life by returning to the futile, pointless and horrific war in Afghanistan. We all admire your courage and your principles. If only other young soldiers took your stand, this war would come to an end and there would be no more wasted young lives. Why shouldn't you speak out and follow your principles? Good luck to you! I shall be following your progress and if there are any protest meetings I'll do my best to get there.

Peter Waterman: I had to do my compulsory military service some 50 years ago. Because of my left political background (of which I made no secret) I was confined to the rank of private and the function of truck-driving. Fortunately I was not required to take part in any war being waged by British military and political elites against any 'disobedient natives' or 'evil empires'. If I had been, I am not sure I would have had the courage you have shown. In the conflict between duty and truth, you have chosen the right one: truth trumps obedience or we are on our way to 1984. It may be a long and lonely struggle, mate. But my guess is that a lot of good people are going to support you.

Sharmila Sengupta and Ela Sengupta: We support you,with all our hearts. We want to do all we possibly can for you. You are a true soldier,one who fights for peace and justice. Try and hang in there. It must be hard,awfully hard, but you will come out the other side. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

Robin Carvell: You've stood up when so many others have not. Your actions are admirable and I believe you are a soldier in the truest sence as you are fighting now, without a gun, in order to bring peace and safety. Your involvement in the information war is of great value. I support you in your actions and want you to know that many others do too. Please remember this if times get hard. You're grasping the nettle for all of us here and those in Iraq and Afganistan - for millions. If there's a heaven, this action would surely let you in.

Dr. Beata Binkowska: I'm fully supporting your fight against the war and your rights to refuse to be forced to go to war in Afghanistan! I also appealed to some of my colleagues in Gateng Health Department to support your plea! Here in Africa,now, we also urgently need to create awareness campaign against war criminals who benefit from selling death all over the world and create never ending areas of conflict and killing fields! This mass murder called war, must stop! With my great respect for your courage and determination.

Anne & Richard Watson: We think it is appalling that you have been arrested simply for telling the truth and refusing to fight in Afghanistan. This is an absolute travesty of democracy and we are protesting to the Ministry of Defence and anyone else we can think of. We heard you speak at Trafalgar Square and consider you to be a very brave man. If only there were more like you. Stay strong.

Stephen Watson: Years ago I read a quote which said "War will end only when men refuse to fight" and it has always remained with me. I admire your decision enormously and I wish you the very best in helping our government, and others, to see sense where there seem to be none at present. I believe that the invasion of Iraq was cooked up under a false pretext, as was Afghanistan and it is clear with all the talk around Iran and their 'nuclear programme' (despite no evidence) is sounding eerily familiar. The world is hurting enough from the way we currently live our lives and the one thing humanity does not need are more wars to pile on the agony.

Ghada Razuki: I heard you speak on the demo on the 24th October and thought that you were brilliant. It takes a brave person to speak out and go against the main stream but I want you to know that there are many people like me who really appreciate the sacrifice that you have made so that hopefully others do not have to die or be brutally injured whether British Soldiers or Afghanis. If sometimes you feel alone in your cell please don't as we are all thinking of you and Clare.

Ghazala: I would just like to express my admiration to you for making a stand against the war. Keep up the good work, you truly are a man of bravery. I shall hope and pray for your wellbeing.

Andree Duguy: I admire you for standing for what you believe is right regardless of the consequences. I fully support your actions and wish that more sloldiers felt like you. Blair and Brown are criminals and should be tried for their crimes. They should be the ones to go to prison and not you. How can Brown and the likes of him still support a war which cannot be won and is unjust. soldiers as well as civilians die everyday for no reason so that supposedly we in Britain feel more secure . How can we be so arrogant and attack a country which has done nothing to us.

Gerry Poole, co-chair Merseyside CND: Well done Joe, a soldier has the right to speak out against actions which he finds repugnant and not glibly obey orders. At Nuremberg the Nazis stated they were only obeying orders when charged with war crimes, but they were still sentenced.Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your other comrades who are opposed to this debacle in Afghanistan.

Kev White: It's a lot eaisier to go with the flow than what it is to do the right thing. Total respect to yourself, Ben Griffin, and others who have had the courage to say no. Anything I can do to help, let me know.

Annette Lillig: I salute you for your courage to do what many would like to do. That's why they prosecute you, but others will follow you. One day you'll be a national hero, so, chin up! This mess will not go on for ever. With love and prayers.

Richard Jones & Kath Eilbeck: Take heart - you have spoken out for all of us. Let us know what we can do to help.

Alun Llewelyn: I was on the Stop the War march last month and I was proud the be led by a soldier that is prepared to stand up and say what I believe many of the troops in Afghanistan and in Britain think. It is the only way this government will be forced to abandon their role in that country if the soldiers will support your brave stance.

Fabrizio: I would just like to express my admiration for your courage to stand up against the government and all its institutions. In my opinion speaking out at a time like this despite all opposition is truly a courageous act standing up for justice which few, in the view of being singled out, are able to do. I think that your opposition to the occupation of afghanistan has won the anti war movement many supporters who were before either easily manipulated by the government and the media or just afraid of stepping out from the flock. Your opposition to war is a giant step towards ending these wars of aggression and ultimately, for democracy.

Hasina Khan: You are a true hero for standing up for what you and we believe in and you are much cherished by all those who oppose brutality and wish for peace, justice and equality. Peace and respect.

Eric Westacott, Ret. Lance Corp. 43/1st Swiss Army Medical Corp: Joe, myself and my family send you our full support in what actions you are taking. It is a crime what the military and governemnt is doing to you and your fellow soldiers. One day soon you will be free again, until then try to stay calm and relaxed and find ways to fill your time with good thoughts also towards those who make you suffer. Imagine yourself free and walking away and you will very soon.

Paula Clare Yates: You are a great inspiration to everyone for protesting and speaking out against the futile war in Afganistan which most people now believe is increasing terrorism.

David McQueen: I'm really sorry to hear about your arrest. The best way we can honour our dead is to not fight any more wars, especially unwinnable wars. Like the US soldiers who protested against Vietnam you are being punished for speaking the truth, but like them your struggle will be remembered as the most courageous stand in the face of a military machine that can't understand that it will never conquer Afghanistan.

Dan Viesnik: I just wanted to express to you, Joe, my admiration for your incredibly brave stand against the war in Afghanistan and the establishment and to wish you all the very best. I think it is fair to say that peace activists all around the world are with you all the way.

How to support Lance Corporal Joe Glenton

Email: Secretary of State for Defence Bob Ainsworth: defencesecretary@mod.ukThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or ainsworthr@parliament.ukThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Write: Secretary of State for Defence, Floor 5, Main Building, Whitehall, London, SW1A 2HB • FAX: 020 7218 6538
Petition: Download the Defend Joe Glenton petition...
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