Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Five more soldiers die in an unwinnable war

from Stop The War Coalition:
On 4 November, five soldiers were killed by one or more Afghan policemen. 229 soldiers have now died since the 2001 invasion, 92 of them this year. Gordon Brown insists, "They fought to make Afghanistan more secure, but above all to make Britain safer from the terrorism and extremism which continues to threaten us." The truth is, they are dying in an unwinnable war which has no other purpose than to save the reputation of politicians like Brown, who slavishly follow the dictates of US foreign policy, even when it's obvious that the world's second poorest country is no threat whatever to British interests. The blood of these five soldiers is on the hands of Gordon Brown. How many more British soldiers and Afghan civilians will die before he is forced to accept the inevitable and bring all the troops home?

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